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mochipyon's Journal

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Welcome to MOCHIpyon!, the graphics community of hoshixnana &&kyandi_sweets !! Please join to see the posts?

☆If you take anything for use (LJ, GJ, &&ETC.), credit the icon makers or  mochipyon
☆Do not claim anything we make as yours.
☆Comment please, if you’re taking anything! This is not required, but we make these graphics for you guys, so we like some support.
☆Please do not edit anything without our permission!
☆No hotlinking please!


Layout &&coding are by kyandi_sweets, made specifically for MOCHIpyon!.
Layout features Fatima.
User info layout features Kanon from An Cafe ( アンティック-珈琲店- ).

+d'espairsray+, -oz-, 12012, 176biz, aikaryu, aile, akihabara shounendan dennou romeo, alice nine, alice nine., alicenine., an cafe, anime, antic cafe, antique cafe, aural vampire, ayabie, begerac, beni, benni, betty, bis, c-class, cellt, clearveil, cute, d, d'espairsray, dali, dari, deathgaze, death☆rabbits, decora, dennou romeo, dir en grey, dolly, doremidan, exist trace, fatima, floppy, ghost, gossip, gyaru, hakuei, hizaki grace project, hoshixnana, jpop, jrock, jska, jtechno, juliadoll, kagerou, kagrra, kaya, kiyoharu, kra, kurt, kyandi_sweets, l'arc~en~ciel, lara, lareine, lolita, lolita23ku, lolita23q, luvie, mask, meme, metronome, mochi, naitomea, never crazy, nightmare, one piece, oshare kei, panic channel, panic*ch, penicillin, phantasmagoria, plastic tree, poitrine, pyon, random, rentrer en soi, sadie, sana, sectmateria, sendai kamotsu, serial⇔number, sid, sin, siva, sug, sulfuric acid, tara, the gazette, the pumpkin head, versailles, vidoll, visual kei, おしゃれ系, らら, るヴぃえ, アヤビエ, アリス九號., アンカフェ, アンティック-珈琲店-, イロクイ, オーラルヴァンパイア, ガゼット, ギャル, サディエ, シド, シリアル⇔number, ダリ, テディ, ドレミ団, ナイトメア, パニックちゃんれる, プラツリ, ベティ, ベニィ, ポワトリン, メガマソ, メトロノーム, ラルク, ロリタ, ヴィジュアル系, ヴィドル, ヴィドール, 仙台貨物, 少女-ロリヰタ-23区, 少女~ロリヰタ~23区, 彩冷える, 朱ィ。, 清春, 神楽, 秋葉原少年☆電脳ロメオ, 蜉蝣, C-クラス